Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light KitsOne of the really useful features of many Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the integration with a light kit. Combining lighting with cooling has a number of benefits, not least not cluttering up the space on your ceiling with separate fittings, one for the light and one for the Harbor Breeze fan. By efficiently using the ceiling space for both a ceiling fan and a light you will succeed in making the room more attractive than otherwise it would be with separate fittings.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Kits

One of the ways of enhancing the usefulness and practicality of your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is to complement it by introducing a Harbor Breeze light kit. Essentially Harbor Breeze light kits are light fittings that are incorporated into the ceiling fan creating a dual purpose installation, the ceiling fan no longer acts as just a fan but also as housing for a light fitting.

Harbor Breeze light kits are relatively few in number, however, fortunately there are a number of companies who have created generic or universal light kits for Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

Why Install a Light Kit for your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan?

There are a number of advantages to installing a light kit on your Harbor Breeze fan. Perhaps the first and most obvious is that there may be limited room on your ceiling to include a separate light fitting and a ceiling fan. Remember a ceiling fan needs good clearance so that nothing can get caught in the blades of the fan. If your room needs adequate lighting as well as cooling with a fan then it may be that options are limited.

The development of the Harbor Breeze light kit essentially solves this issue in a neat and convenient manner. Simply use the ceiling fan structure as a fixture point for the light fitting itself.

Another advantage of incorporating the ceiling fan light kit with the fan is control. You can ensure that both the fan and the light can be controlled by the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote, making it easy to utilize efficiently. Using a remote control to switch lights on and off can be a great deal more convenient that a wall situated light switch and allows you a level of control that you will not realize you missed until you have it installed.

Harbor Breeze Light Kit Options

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans do not typically come with an integrated light fitting. As a general rule if you wish to add a light fitting to your ceiling fan then you need to look at Harbor Breeze light kits, essentially add-ons, to install onto your fan once it is in place.

When choosing the most appropriate ceiling fan kit you should consider first the use that the room has, the existing lighting arrangements and the specific type of lighting that you want the light to provide.

For instance in a hallway it maybe that you want the light level to be good, so you would select a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light kit that provided a good level of general lighting.

However, in a typical living room you may have existing wall lights and lamps situated around the room and want the light from the ceiling fan to complement that. In that case the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light kits you would look at would be ones that provided accent lighting and not so much general lighting.

Installing your Harbor Breeze Light Kit

As with any electrical fitting great care should be taken when installing and if you are not completely confident that you know what you are doing you should get the assistance of an electrician or someone who can install it safely.

Many of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are designed so that the incorporation of Harbor Breeze light kits is relatively straightforward and so installation should not present too much of a problem. All of the ceiling fan light kits will come with installation instructions and these should be read through and followed carefully.

The main considerations should be that the light kit is securely attached to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan and that the electrical wiring is both connected correctly and properly insulated from the surrounding environment.


Installing a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan in your home is often undertaken for practical reasons. You may feel that you are paying too much on your energy bills? If you are then one of the ways to help reduce them, while at the same time adding a stylish and practical fitting in your home is to install a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. Harbor Breeze make a wide range of ceiling fans so you have plenty of options to choose from. No matter what your budget, there is likely a model that will fit your purpose.

But why limit yourself to just the ceiling fan when many of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans can incorporate Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light kits. These enhance the practicality and usefulness of your Harbor Breeze fitting and in addition provide an enhancement to the fabric of your home that will have lasting value.


Harbor Breeze Fan Blades

Harbor Breeze Fan Blades
Harbor Breeze Fan Blades

Why You May Have Trouble With Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blades

Harbor Breeze range of ceiling fans has wide appeal. This is due to the large range of models that are available. You can get a good quality Harbor Breeze ceiling fan to fit almost any home decor. However, as with all ceiling fans the high usage places demands on them which inevitably results in failure of one or more parts. One area of possible failure are the Harbor Breeze fan blades.

The fan blades are a critical component of the ceiling fan. Without the blades functioning properly the required cooling will not be efficient, or not be present at all. This is clearly a problem, not to mention a waste of energy.

Ceiling fans are most frequently used to move hot and humid air around, or out of a space in order to allow cooler more refreshing air to access the same space. Thus creating a cooling effect. It is the changes in humidity in which the fan blades operate which can be the cause of problems.

The Principal Issue With Ceiling Fan Blades

The number one problem that is experienced with ceiling fan blades is when the blades become loose. This leads to a wobbling effect which is very distracting. However, it is also of some concern due to the risk that the blades might become so loose that the detach from the fan itself. Having ceiling fan blades arcing across your room at high speed is not something you want. Trust me.

Correcting Loose Harbor Breeze Blades

The solution to the problem of loose fan blades is simple. Tighten the screws that attach the ceiling fan blades to the blade arm. This may seem obvious but sometimes obvious is the best course of action. If the screws have worked loose then it is certainly possible that simply tightening them will if not totally solve the problem it may well alleviate the symptoms for a time.

If tightening the screws does not seem to work for an appreciable period of time, or they are simply too loose to be able to be tightened then you will almost certainly need replacement fan blades.

Harbor Breeze Fan Blades
Harbor Breeze Fan Blades

Fortunately the strength of the Harbor Breeze brand has meant the there are Harbor Breeze ceiling fans installed the length and breadth of the country. With such market reach it is not surprising that Harbor Breeze ceiling fan replacement parts are both easily found and inexpensive.

In addition, although there are a number of suppliers out there who are willing to supply you with non-approved replacement parts, there are also plenty of outlets which do supply genuine Harbor Breeze parts. See here for details. Obviously the fan blades are one of the most important components of a ceiling fan installation. You can get Harbor Breeze fan blades however without any problems. See here.


The quality of Harbor Breeze fans is such that relatively speaking the need for replacement parts is not particularly high. All home appliances need some form of maintenance or reparation at various times in their life and it would be unusual if your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan was not included in this category. However, the reach that the Harbor Breeze models have, due in not small part to the fact that they are supplied by Lowes, the home improvement giant, but also due to the breadth of options you have for picking the ceiling fan model that is right for your home means that replacement parts are available and easily obtained should you need them.

Don’t worry, if you Harbor Breeze blades need replacing the task is not complex and replacement blades are easy to get hold of at an affordable price.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Harbor Breeze Remote

Harbor Breeze Remote
Harbor Breeze Remote

Harbor Breeze are a great range of ceiling fan. They come in a wide variety of models and in a wide variety of styles. Within the Harbor Breeze range there is almost always something that would fit your home perfectly. They are quality products that work quietly and efficiently. The Harbor Breeze remote is also a great advancement over the traditional ceiling fan as it makes the operation of your fan a whole lot easier and more convenient.

A lot of home equipment is being controlled by remote these days, for instance many infrared space heaters are controlled by remotes too, making them far more convenient to use, just as with ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are great. They are a really practical solution to effectively heating and cooling your home in the winter and summer respectively. These days with energy efficiency high on people’s agendas the ceiling fan is a great way to achieve this. But they are subjected to extended periods of use and as a result the reality is that sometimes things go wrong.

Although the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is a really useful gadget, allowing you to easily turn your fan on and off, often without leaving your position, owners do occasionally encounter issues. We look at a number of areas to focus to make sure you get the most from your Harbor Breeze remote.

Solutions To Harbor Breeze Remote Problems

Programming Your Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

Perhaps one of the main causes of problems with the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control is in the set up. As with all electronic devices the secret to getting the most benefit from them is to make sure that you are fully aware of the features that the device offers and, of course, to set them up properly.

We have a sourced a video giving you advice and guidance on how to best configure your remote unit. Getting the remote unit to operate all the functions of your fan on the right frequency is critical.

Check Your Remote Battery

This may seem an obvious thing to state but it is surprising how many issues with the remote unit come down to a worn battery. So if you are having issues with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control then make sure before you go to any further trouble that you check the battery is charged enough to actually send out a signal to your fan.
Again, this not an attempt to be patronizing. It happens to a surprisingly large number of people. Check the battery first.

I Need A Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Replacement

Clearly, as with all electronic devices there is always a prospect that your remote will simply stop functioning correct, no matter how carefully you have set it up.

You need a Harbor Breeze remote replacement. Fortunately when it comes to finding replacement remote units there are many options available.

Contact Lowes Customer Service

Your ceiling fan may still be under warranty and therefore Lowes should be happy to dispatch a replacement remote unit without any problem. If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is no longer covered by a warranty then the customer service department should be able to advise you accordingly.

Visit Your Local Lowes Home Improvement Store

Lowes is a giant home improvement chain of stores. If you do own a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan then it is likely that you have a Lowes store close to you. They will be able to identify the issue with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote and sell you a replacement if needed. It is also worth checking the lowes.com website for options too.

Amazon Ceiling Fan Remotes

Amazon supply a number of options for Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote replacements. They are able to supply both Harbor Breeze branded options, or if you are budget conscious then you have universal ceiling fan remote replacement options too. See here and here for possibilities.


Hopefully you have found this article to be useful. While the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote is a great labor saving device the fact remains that things sometimes do go wrong with them. Do not worry however you do have a number of options available to get your remote back on track and your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan functioning again. Let us know of your thoughts in the comment section below.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Contemporary Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan
A Contemporary Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

One of the largest suppliers of ceiling fans in the US is the giant home improvement company Lowes. They supply Harbor Breeze ceiling fans. The Harbor Breeze brand includes a very large range of quality but affordable ceiling fans. The fans are supplied by a Texas based company called Litex. Litex is a very well-known supplier of a number of ceiling fan ranges, but supplies the Harbour Breeze range of ceiling fans under an exclusive deal with Lowes.

A Short History Of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been a very popular addition to homes for at least 100 years. In fact the very first electrically powered ceiling fan was thought to have been installed as far back as the 1880’s.

Within 50 years of that first installation the ceiling fan had become a commonplace occurrence in many homes in the US.

The versatility of the ceiling fan is one of the factors that makes is so popular. It is capable of providing heat in the winter and cooling when it becomes hotter.

Introducing The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

A distinctive characteristic of the Harbor Breeze brand is the wide range of ceiling fans that they offer, almost all at an affordable price. With the range of options available there is almost always a ceiling fan option to suit your particular tastes.

The full range has fans that are ultra-modern and contemporary, with a sleek and minimal look to the far more elegant and yet traditional form of fan. They also complete the ranges with a number of outdoor ceiling fan models too.

Features Of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Silent Operation

Ceiling fans are often used in bedrooms at night where hot and humid conditions can make sleeping comfortably difficult if not impossible. Clearly a fan operating in the bedroom should be as silent as possible. It should perhaps be noted that no fan can really be called completely silent, one of the more attractive features of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range is the powerful but quiet motors that they utilize.

It is actually interesting, because many people find the “white noise” effect of ceiling fans very soothing and relaxing and whilst not completely silent it is clearly a matter of personal choice at what level of sound you are totally comfortable with.

If total silence is a pre-requisite and yet a ceiling fan is still desired then one sensible option is for some form of timer built in to the fan installation so that the fan turns off once you have dropped off to sleep.

Air Circulation

Nobody wants to go to the trouble and expense of installing a ceiling fan only to discover that the motion of the fan does not shift the air in your room enough to make a difference. The Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are a very well established brands with many thousands of satisfied customers all across the US.

They offer a wide range of products such that there is almost always a fan available for your particular needs, from the very wide 52” fans to much more compact models their ability to provide a smooth movement of air in many sizes and shapes of room is unquestioned.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan
Energy Efficient Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are often put to use for large periods of the year, if not the whole year; and not only that but they may be needed for a considerable number of hours each day. They must be energy efficient or they rapidly become unaffordable.

Fortunately Litex the suppliers of the Harbor Breeze range have ensured that energy efficiency is at the top of their feature list, with all employing the revolutionary quiet DC motor, which is not only quiet but saves a considerable amount of energy over the performance of many of its competitors.

Energy efficiency is also important when the fans are providing warmth. See this site for the importance of energy efficiency in heaters.

Remote Control

Most ceiling fans are operated via a pull chain mechanism. A distinctive and attractive feature of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the ability to control the on/off operation and speed setting of the fan via a small remote control unit. This might mean for instance that you can turn off the fan while lying in bed without being more disturbed than to reach out for the remote control on your bedside table.

Definitely a feature worth having!

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Wiring DIagram
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Wiring DIagram

Easy To Install

Harbor Breeze products are at the affordable end of the ceiling fan market. Each fan comes complete with a comprehensive set of fitting instructions which makes the installation of what might well be a complex electrical appliance within the reach of most home improvement enthusiasts.

This is a perfect fit for today’s homeowner who is keen to improve their home but wants to undertake some of the work themselves. These fans will definitely improve the look and usability of many rooms in your home and will almost certainly improve the saleability of your home at a very affordable price.


The Harbor Breeze range of ceiling fans are a great choice for your home. They are an easy to fit, well made, silent and energy efficient fan with a wide range of options and styles for you to choose from.

But, perhaps best of all, because they are supplied to Lowe’s on an exclusive basis they benefit from the Lowes 100% money back guarantee. This will give you some assurance that if you are not totally satisfied with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan then you will get all the help and assistance you need from your local Lowes store.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts
Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Range

Why Would You Need Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

Although your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is a high quality product the fact is that in most locations where they are installed you will find them in almost continuous use. Even the best products, if used a lot suffer from wear and tear and Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are no different. Not to worry however, quality products originate from quality suppliers, in the case of Harbor Breeze this means that they make a variety of replacement parts for ceiling fans. These approved Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts enable you to make ongoing repairs without sacrificing any significant downtime of your fan.

Where Should I Go For Replacement Parts?

Okay, so how do you go about getting hold of these replacement parts. Well, the first thing you could do is work out what’s gone wrong with your Harbor Breeze fan. We’ll go through what to look out for a little later in this post.

Once you have worked out exactly what the problem is, then you need to go about identifying the particular part that needs replacing. This process may well involve removing the part, which in the main is relatively straightforward with the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

Obviously you will also need to know the model and the model number of your ceiling fan. Armed with this information you can source Harbor Breeze parts relatively easily.

Perhaps the most straightforward is to take your part to the local Lowes store. If you intend to do this it may well be better to give their customer care department call to make sure that they’re able to help before making an unnecessary trip.

Alternatively, you can usually also purchase a limited number of replacement parts for your fan from either the Lowe’s website or Amazon.

Common Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Problems

We list below a number of types of problem that are often encountered with Harbor Breeze fans and an indication of how to go about fixing these problems. Before undertaking any repair yourself, we thoroughly recommend that you get hold of the particular Harbor Breeze ceiling fan manual for your model of fan.

Attempting to undertake a repair without the manual in hand might be compared to wandering around a maze in the dark. We have sourced a number of manuals for various Harbor Breeze fan models, and they can be located here.

No Response When The Ceiling Fan Is Turned On

Probably the most common problem that people encounter with any ceiling fan is the fan just does not move when turned on. There are several reasons why this might be the case:

Problems With The Harbor Breeze Fan Remote

harbor breeze ceiling fan remoteIf you have Harbor Breeze fan remote, that you are using to turn your phone on with, then it is possible that the problem lies with the remote and not the fan itself. The first thing to do is to test whether or not the fan works without the remote switch it on and off.

If the fan does work, then you will have successfully isolated the problem

in the remote control itself. Check the batteries are not dead; replace them if necessary.

If you do know that the problem relates to the Harbor Breeze fan remote control then and it does not appear to be a problem with the batteries then you can purchase a replacement Harbor Breeze remote control unit. See here and here.

Problems With The Electricity Supply

If the problem does not relate to the remote control then it is possible that the power has shorted out and is no longer able to provide electricity to the fan. This should also be investigated before going any further.

The potential cause of a short out, may well be the pull chain switch. This is in fact a very common cause of issues with the ceiling fan. Fortunately, it does not mean there’s a more complex and more costly repair required the fan itself, rather an inexpensive pull chain replacement switch.

Problems With The Fan Motor

If none of these potential issues seem to be causing the problem, and it is time to investigate the fan itself. You will need to get up to the ceiling fan in order to investigate further. You should make sure that you do this safely, using a stable platform upon which to stand.

Rotate the fan and listen for sounds of any obstructions. If there are none then it may well be likely that the problem relates to the motor.

harbor breeze capacitor
Harbor Breeze Capacitor

Problems With This Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Capacitor

The capacitor is an important component of all ceiling fans. It is the way in which the speed of the motor is controlled. The capacitor can on occasion require replacement. The good news is that replacing this part is a relatively straightforward process. Using your Harbor Breeze fan manual identify where the capacitor is located in your fan, remove it, and replace it with a new alternative which can be purchased here, or at your local Lowes store.

Problems With Your Ceiling Fan Blades

Another problem, not just with Harbor Breeze fans relates to your fans blades.

Ceiling fans often operate in quite humid atmospheric conditions. Over time the humidity can cause problems with the build up of dirt, and even at times warping. Fortunately this particular problem is both easily identified and easily solved.

You can quite easily get hold of Harbor Breeze replacement blades again either from your Lowe’s store, or from an online reseller such as Amazon. See here on Amazon for the options it has when it comes to replacing your ceiling fan blades.


Hopefully this article has been of some use in assisting you both to identify the cause of any problems that you may be having with your ceiling fan, and the solution to that problem. Also, if you do need to source Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts then we hope you found some of the links on this site useful.

If you do need further assistance than the next sensible option is to contact your local Lowes store customer service and discuss the matter further with their personnel.

We wish you all the best in solving your problem.